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Good birding to everyone for 2014!
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Greater Spotted Eagle, Aquila clanga
Greater Spotted Eagle, Aquila clanga subadult 2 cy
August 18th 2014 Lappeenranta, Haapajärvi, Finland ©Karri Kuitunen digipicture url
Canon 7D + 400mm/5.6
Muotoa fulvescens muistuttava yksilö. Individual resembling form fulvescens.
Eurasian Stone Curlew, Burhinus oedicnemus
Eurasian Stone Curlew, Burhinus oedicnemus
August 15th 2014 Madeira, Portugal ©Janne Riihimäki digipicture url
interesting wing band
Olive-backed Pipit, Anthus hodgsoni
Olive-backed Pipit, Anthus hodgsoni
January 26th 2013 Sattal, India ©Tom Lindroos digipicture url